Getting Started with Google Earth

Download the free version of Google Earth

  1. Click "download Google Earth"

  2. If you do not want to download Google Chrome browser software, uncheck the box (this software is not needed to run Google Earth)

  3. Read the Google Maps/Earth Terms of Service Information and Privacy Policy

  4. If you want to provide Google Earth with information about how you use the software, click the box

  5. Click "agree and download"

Learn to Navigate in Google Earth

New to Google Earth? These resources will help you get around.

Working with Layers

This Screencast tutorial from the Networked Learner provides an easy-to-follow introduction to working with layers. Occasionally, Google Earth reorganizes the folders, so your list may look a bit different than the Layer panel in the video. The process of working with layers is the same, so the short video is still helpful.

Google Earth Outreach Community

Google Earth Gallery

Creating a Placemark

Watch this two-minute video and learn to embed a placemark.

Annotate a Map in Google Earth

Creating a Tour

View Brian Rehmann's short video tutorial to learn how to create a simple tour.

Additional Resources

The Networked Learner Wiki includes a variety of materials for learning about Google Earth.