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bulletPartners Across Borders Home Page: St. Cloud-Tenancingo, El Salvador Sister City Organization
bulletSHARE Foundation: Building a New El Salvador Today, "a non-profit institution which supports the empowerment of impoverished and marginalized Salvadoran communities as they seek long-term, sustainable solutions to the problems of poverty, underdevelopment and social injustice."
bulletSt. John's Abbey Justice and Peace Home Page
bulletArts & Letters Daily: Lots of great articles I don't usually have time to read.
bulletOne of my heroes: Oscar Romero of El Salvador in a page put together by Salt of the Earth, the Claretian Social Justice magazine and website.

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bulletCSBSJU Philosophy Department Home Page

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bulletPHIL180-01A: Great Issues in Philosophy
bulletHONR310-01A: Honors Great Books / Great Ideas
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bulletPHIL331: Ancient Philosophy
bulletCourse Home page: PHIL123-03A: Philosophy of Human Nature
bulletCourse Home Page: PHIL 368-02A/CORE 367-02A: Liberation Thought
bulletCourse Home page: HONR250-01A: Honors Great Issues in Philosophy
bulletCourse Home Page: Symposium CORE101-37A: Wrestling With God
bulletCourse Home page: PHIL341: 20th Century Continental Philosophy: Heidegger
bulletCourse Home Page: HONR350-01A: Beauty & Truth; Truth & Beauty
bulletCourse Home page: Symposium: HONR101-03: The Quest for Social Justice
bulletJanuary Term 2001 in El Salvador
right hand arrowEl Salvador Group Presentation about January Earthquake!

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